Introducing: The ETF Institute ‘CETF®’ Program

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Growth and innovation.  If two words best describe the ETF industry since the first US-listed product debuted in 1993, they would be growth and innovation.

Global ETF assets are surging towards $10 trillion, obliterating annual inflow records along the way.  Product innovation is accelerating.  Options-based strategies, ESG, semi-transparent ETFs, mutual fund to ETF conversions… the industry is innovating at lightning speed.  There’s a reason ETFs are referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of asset management.

However, growth and innovation create a critical need for financial advisors and industry practitioners:  education.  Real education that can be quantified and measured.  Not just logging-in to a webinar every once and a while, or going to a Florida ETF conference. While helpful, the educational impact of those is not measurable.

Heightening Awareness

The driving force behind the future success of ETFs will be knowledge and awareness.  While ETFs offer important advantages to investors – lower costs, tax efficiency, transparency, to name a few – innovation has significantly increased complexity.  Ensuring the growing number of products are well-understood and properly utilized is paramount.

We are excited to introduce The ETF Institute, the first and only independent organization providing advisors and industry professionals with certification, education, and training on ETFs.

By granting the Certified ETF Advisor (CETF®) designation and upholding it as the recognized industry standard, The ETF Institute seeks to help financial professionals increase their knowledge of ETFs, enhance their careers, and benefit the general investing public.

Filling The Education Void

The need for ETF education isn’t new.  There’s always a cry for more education whenever investors have negative experiences with ETFs.  The common refrain at every ETF conference over the years has been “we must do better on product education”.  But there has been an educational void – one we intend to fill.  The ETF Institute was actually launched several years ago.  However, the vision for the platform was always to offer world-class ETF education, something we believed required the right partner to provide.  Enter, the world’s leading authority on ETFs and an organization at the forefront of ETF education since 2001.

The ETF Institute and are collaborating to offer what we believe will be the definitive educational experience in the industry.  We have developed an immersive, comprehensive study guide and examination covering the many aspects of ETFs.

How It Works

To obtain the CETF® designation, candidates must pass an examination demonstrating competence in ETF topics ranging from creation/redemption to leveraged products to best trading practices.  These educational materials will continually be refined and updated to ensure all-inclusive coverage of this ever-changing industry.

Even if you previously obtained the CETF® designation, there is now an abundance of new information available on the platform.  In an effort to increase accessibility, we have attempted to price this offering competitively versus other professional designations.

We believe we have created THE educational experience for ETFs.  We also know it’s not perfect yet.  We want your feedback on everything – the study material, learning experience, examination, all of it.

We envision a growing network of financial professionals collaborating and learning together to help push the ETF industry forward.  We hope you’ll embark on this journey with us at The ETF Institute!

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