Dividends and Preferreds with Innovative Portfolios

We’re joined by Peter Bjelopetrovich and Seth Hickle of Innovative Portfolios. Innovative Portfolios recently converted two mutual funds to ETFs. Peter and Seth discuss their dividend and preferred stock ETFs and the options overlays used in both funds.


Leveraged and Inverse ETFs with Dave Mazza – Direxion

Dave Mazza is the Head of Product at Direxion. In this interview, Dave discusses the details of Leveraged and Inverse ETFs, use cases, and educational references available to potential investors. Dave also discusses the recent launch of the Direxion mRNA ETF (Ticker: MSGR) and the outlook for future uses of mRNA technology.


REIT Investing with David Auerbach – Armada ETF Advisors

David Auerbach is the Managing Director of Armada ETF Advisors. In this interview, David discusses all things real estate investing and gives us insight into their recent launch of The Home Appreciation US REIT ETF (Ticker: HAUS). If you’re interested in REITs, this is a must-listen episode


Freedom Weighted Investing with Perth Tolle

Perth Tolle is the founder of Life and Liberty Indexes. Currently, their Freedom 100 Emerging Markets Index backs the Freedom 100 Emerging Markets ETF (Ticker: FRDM).  In this interview, Perth gives us the history of the freedom weighting concept as well as some thoughts on the current emerging market landscape.


Core 4 Investing with Rick Ferri

Rick Ferri is a financial advisor, author, and founder of the Core-4 investment philosophy. In this episode, Rick discusses Core 4 and Jack Bogle’s influence, as well as why he authored “The ETF Book.”


Psychedelic ETFs – Discussing the Investment Case with Dan Ahrens

Over the last several years, there have been several major breakthroughs in utilizing psychedelics to treat various medical conditions. As these therapeutics continue to develop, this industry seems primed for growth. The ETF Institute’s VP of Operations, Devin Bos, recently sat down with AdvisorShares’ Dan Ahrens to discuss investing in this sector. AdvisorShares currently offers 25 ETFs, including one psychedelic ETF. Dan Ahrens is Managing Director and an experienced portfolio manager currently overseeing multiple ETFs in the AdvisorShares suite, including Pure Cannabis ETF (YOLO), Pure US Cannabis ETF (MSOS), Psychedelics ETF (PSIL), and Vice ETF (VICE). Bos: Can you give me


Cannabis ETFs – Deliberating the Investment Case with Dan Ahrens

To help deepen investor knowledge in all aspects of ETFs, we periodically feature interviews with key individuals from across the industry. The goal is to highlight new ETF ideas and delve into more nuanced topics currently impacting the space. One area that has grown more popular over the last several years is cannabis-related ETFs. This industry seems primed for growth given the slew of individual states legalizing cannabis. However, cannabis is still illegal at the Federal level, making investing in the space more complicated. The ETF Institute’s VP of Operations, Devin Bos, recently sat down with AdvisorShares’ Dan Ahrens to


Factor Series: Quality

During the first several weeks of 2022, the tech sector has experienced immense downward pressure. Many analysts are starting to use phrases such as “unprofitable tech” and “legacy tech” as a means of distinguishing between two groups within this sector. This distinction is being created as a quick way to reference those companies with solid balance sheets and financials (Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco) and those in their core growth phase with far less favorable financial metrics (Zoom, Roku, Teledoc). Investors focusing on financials, valuations, and profitability is in stark contrast to the prevailing attitude over the past two years. Many unprofitable


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