About Us

Our Mission

The ETF Institute is the first and only independent organization providing ETF industry professionals and financial advisors with certification, education, and training pertaining to exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By granting the Certified ETF Advisor (CETF®) designation and upholding it as the recognized industry standard, we seek to help financial professionals increase their knowledge of ETFs, enhance their careers, and benefit the general investing public. The ETF Institute awards this designation to candidates who successfully pass a comprehensive examination, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of foundational ETF concepts.

With the growing demand for the CETF designation, the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is mission critical for The ETF Institute. In addition to educating and advancing careers, our certification program will offer opportunities for candidates to think about individual ways they can make a positive impact in bringing more DE&I to everyone in the industry.

ETF Education

Since the launch of the first US-listed ETF in 1993, ETFs have experienced rapid growth and an astounding acceleration in product innovation. There is a reason the ETF industry is referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of asset management.  However, with growth and innovation comes a critical need for education. The ETF Institute seeks to offer the definitive ETF educational experience for financial professionals and industry practitioners.

Source: ETF.com

Most Important in Terms of Selecting an ETF

Exact exposure of the underlying index.
Expense Ratio
Historical Performance
ETF issuer
Tracking error
Tax efficiency
Trading spreads

Source: ETF.com