The ETF Institute is the first and only independent organization providing ETF industry professionals and financial advisors with certification, education, and training pertaining to exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By granting the Certified ETF Advisor (CETF®) designation and upholding it as the recognized industry standard, we seek to help financial professionals increase their knowledge of ETFs, enhance their careers, and benefit the general investing public.  The ETF Institute awards this designation to candidates who successfully pass a comprehensive examination, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of foundational ETF concepts.

To become a member of The ETF Institute and earn your CETF® designation, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Complete the registration form
  • Step 2: Agree to the ETF Institute’s Code of Ethics
  • Step 3: Pay $495 membership fee
  • Step 4: Download the Study Guide and prepare for the exam
  • Step 5: Successfully complete the Certified ETF Advisor exam
  • Step 6: Stay current on your membership through continuing education (CE) and annual renewal fees

A passing score is 70%. The CETF® exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and must be completed in one sitting with a two-hour time limit.

There is a $495 initial membership fee.  In addition, there is a $150 membership renewal fee every two years.

Yes. In order to satisfy continuing education requirements and continue using the CETF® designation, you must be an active member of The ETF Institute.

Yes. The ETF Institute requires 15 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Currently, The ETF Institute accepts a wide variety of industry-related continuing education including attendance at ETF-related conferences, seminars and webinars. You will be notified to submit your CE credits within 30 days prior to your 2-year anniversary of membership.

You should contact your firm’s compliance officer or department for guidance on the use of the CETF® designation. Requirements vary from firm to firm.

The average study time for the CETF® exam is typically 10 – 15 hours, though this can vary from candidate to candidate.

The CETF® exam is conducted online via The ETF Institute website.

Yes. You will receive a formal, printable certificate online upon successfully completing the CETF® examination.

Candidates who are current members of The ETF Institute®, have met all certification requirements, and have not violated any aspect of The ETF Institute’s® code of ethics, may use the CETF® designation. See our terms and conditions for additional information.

Yes, the CETF® designation is listed on the FINRA professional designation database here.