Factor Series: Momentum

Imagine a scenario where a long-lost, family favorite recipe was found, and you were requested to make the dish for an upcoming holiday. When reviewing the recipe, you notice the ingredients include a commoditized reference with no other details: “10oz of beef”. This presents an issue since various cuts of beef offer different flavor profiles and textures, along with varying cooking times. Using the wrong cut of beef could change the entire dish, leaving your family highly disappointed in your cooking abilities. Albeit a dramatic example, investing factors are very much like referring to cuts of meat with a generalized


ETF Institute Update

In early September, we announced the launch of The ETF Institute and the Certified ETF Advisor (CETF®) designation.  The ETF Institute is the first and only independent organization providing advisors and industry professionals with certification, education, and training on ETFs.  As the year winds down, I wanted to provide a quick update on our first three months of operations and what we have in store for early 2022. Simply put, I have been blown away by the initial reception.  We knew there was a need for better ETF education, but the demand has exceeded even our lofty expectations.  We are


Introducing: The ETF Institute ‘CETF®’ Program

Growth and innovation.  If two words best describe the ETF industry since the first US-listed product debuted in 1993, they would be growth and innovation. Global ETF assets are surging towards $10 trillion, obliterating annual inflow records along the way.  Product innovation is accelerating.  Options-based strategies, ESG, semi-transparent ETFs, mutual fund to ETF conversions… the industry is innovating at lightning speed.  There’s a reason ETFs are referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of asset management. However, growth and innovation create a critical need for financial advisors and industry practitioners:  education.  Real education that can be quantified and measured.  Not just


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